Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2011

How to choose a phone from Phone Reviews

Choosing a phone from Phone Review is very essential because buying a cell phone is not about buying peanuts especially when you are shelling out so much. Stuffs liked service provider, manufacturer, specifications, features and even interface matters.

Choosing Phone Review

Lets get to know about how to choose a phone by Phone Reviews.

  • Choosing the right type of network provider

The main part is about choosing the type of carrier because in US and many other countries every different carrier provides different type of collection of services and technologies. And what’s the use if don’t like the service later on – waste of money! So choose the network provider wisely, see which tariff plan suits you the best.

Before signing the contract with wireless carrier read the contract once and twice and thrice because there are some hidden cost, which you will come to know, when you start using the service. With that even see for how much time is the contract for, keep in mind early termination of the contract can cause you heavy fines. However these days the longer you use the service the lesser is the fees accordingly. Also see how many free calls you get, how much is the charge for one call and SMS plus of course the rates of web browsing i.e. the 3G or GPRS.

  • Choosing the phone according to your style

Selecting the phone according to your personality is a necessity and we all know that. There more than thousand of handsets of there – some with touch screen, some with sliding, some with flip, some with full QWERTY and the list goes on. It is too obvious you will buy a handset you will love to flaunt around so buy any handset that has chic looks with simplicity and of course the performance.

The flip phone helps avoid accidental dialing, whereas thanks to iPhone the trend has changed and shifted to touchscreens that are user-friendly and you can always put them into sleep when not required.

Coming to actual thing is the easiness of usability, what’s the use of superb looking phone that is very hard to operate. So when evaluating a phone the foremost thing you should inspect is the placement and size of buttons and also the controls along with the text size on the display. Make sure your control buttons are good because those are one whom you will be using most of the time. If you are heavy texter look out a phone with full QWERTY, be it virtual or physical depends upon how you like it.

Secondly in Phone Review look out even at the display and see whether you can look at the text without any strains. If you are looking for clamshell phone than the exterior display is a must as to see who is calling or whose message you have received. Again thanks to Apple as they have really revolutionized the phone with the iPhone and taken a normal phone new different level.

If you are adventurous person than buying usual phone is not advised unless you treat it like a baby, phone manufacture like Huawei make rugged phone that can defy dust, water and heavy shocks along with the ability to sustain extreme temperatures.

  • Features

Okay suppose you are a heavy texter, will you ever buy a phone that is small in size and is not a full QWERTY? Absolutely not! So always look out for phone on which you are looking forward to work on. For e.g. if your most of your work with email then go for a BlackBerry, if style is you thing go for Motorola, if simplicity suits you the most then go for iPhone.

The list of features of today’s generation phone is very extensive, so choose carefully according to its features and side buttons that eases you work with the help of side buttons.

  • Performance

If features and design is the eyes and brains then performance is the heart. Yes it show what’s your phone is capable of. If you are gaming freak and love multitasking then Smart Phone is your thing. And if you are looking for a normal phone that has excellent messaging and email facility you can opt for a BlackBerry or a BlackBerry type phone.

However having phone, which able to deliver all this things is not enough, it should also have sturdiness and good battery life as most of the today’s Smart Phones lack in. Even good quality camera matters as you are not going carry your digital camera every time you move out. Even the performance fluctuates while using the 3G or 4G networks according to the phones. Plus the image quality differs so evaluate all this before the purchase.

With this there are ten features you should find in a Phone Review. These are:

  1. Pre loaded applications: Nowadays all the handsets from lowest to highest end all have basic applications such as alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch and calculator. The higher versions have more apps and mid ranges have extra features such as digital compass or an organizer.
  2. Calls: In this, things need to be considered are such as the voice dialing and good speaker quality.
  3. Browsing: In today’s world Internet is where all are and having a good web browsing is a must in phones, its not just about browsing but even downloading matters so get a phone with good web browser that has good browsing speed. Some come with an in-built modem wherein you can connect to other mediums to work on Internet using your phone.
  4. Email and messaging: As said earlier look into text features that has food text visibility, also look into the buttons of the phone whether they are comfortable enough to you. Note one thing if you text too much, buying a phone that is not good with texting can cause serious trouble for your fingers.
  5. Camera: As discussed above a good camera is also one of the main feature a Smart Phone should have, many high end phone offers good quality shooters but you need to be careful while getting a mid range phones as they can have many problem after you buy the phone.
  6. Storage: If you like music and keep other multimedia files then having a plenty of storage is must for you or look for a phone that support external memory card that supports at 32 GB of storage.
  7. Push to talk: Suppose you are a person who always make calls to particular group of persons and you find it time taking to find the numbers and dial it, so the next time you look out for a new phone in Phone Review see that it has push to talk option. This feature helps you call the people instantly you always talk with. A point to remember is that this feature is not available with all phones.
  8. Bluetooth: Do not pay much attention on this feature as almost each and every phone has this feature except the black and white screen phone, which Nokia still offers. If you are planning to buy an iPhone remember one thing that the Apple device doesn’t allows paring to other devices using the Bluetooth, this features is used only connecting wireless headset.
  9. Multimedia Networks: Many phones has FM radio and music player but with that many of them supports live streaming and even music downloads via Internet so get a phone that has 3G in it before purchasing.
  10. Apps: Even though every cell phones has in-built games not all models has those motion sensor HD games. For that you need to drop more extra dollars for that. However their market places available for phones so having desired apps or games is not a problem as long as you have high end Smartphone.

So these are the points you want look out in Phone Review before buying a phone.

All the best!

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