Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2011

Nokia 888 – Will this Concept ever Become a Reality?

Nokia as we know was the best mobile manufacturer until lately. The company is trying to keep its statuesquely position and its trying really hard.

Nokia 888 Concept

So what does trying hard really means? Does it mean getting a new OS in the market when already Android is ruling over every single phone except the only matchless iPhone, no they can’t simply outrun Android. So only idea of getting back to its prime position is to get something in market which is out-of-the-box, something very unique that no one has ever thought of making it. Yes I know where your mind is running at; here we are talking about the conceptual phone from the pioneers called as Nokia 888.

Nokia is always know for its conceptual designs and this time they really come up something which is out of the box and completely unique. So what is the company is really up to? Well Nokia 888 is said to adjust according to your surroundings which is something no one has yet come up with or even imagined. This concept according to many is just a laughable stuff. However this concept is true and will create a mutiny in telecommunication world.

According to the gadget freaks, this will be the record-breaking technology known to mankind. The Nokia 888 has been designed with a concept called as “Form Follows You” this means the concept mobile can be taken anywhere can be fitted in any form. The shape and form changes according to the users needs at the daytime.

Nokia 888 Concept Phone

It looks something like a bracelet, this concept has been never used by Nokia. The ‘shape shifter’ is light in weight quite flexible and looks kind of funny; take a look at its pictures and you will know what I’m taking about. The Nokia 888 can be adorned on wrist and can be clipped on shirt. According to the rumor factory the Nokia 888 is designed by a Benelux design contest winner in 2005, named Tamer Nakisci. By creating a trendsetter phone Nokia is mainly focused on teenagers for are mostly fascinated with uniqueness and conceptual designs. The Nokia 888 will run on liquid battery and have features like speech recognition, adaptable touch screen and also touch sensitivity.

With this functionality one can soon call it as an ‘electronic pet’ as it can acts according to your body gestures and even recognizes what you want it to do. The ‘E-motions’ feature allows you to send it forms to other Nokia 888 handlers. The shape can be anything from an icon of heart to show you some her and an icon angry face to show that you are angry, without exchanging an words. That’s not it you can even send any forms to convey messages to your closed ones.

So these are the some of the prime features of this dream come true phone called as Nokia 888.

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